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Talent, history and craftsmanship converge in our watches: that is why our collections show an elegance that transcends the boundaries of time.

Accurate style in every second

Within the intricate mechanisms and exquisite design of our watches resides a sophistication that goes beyond the constraints of mere minutes and hours: they effortlessly bridge our tradition into the limitless horizons of the future, inviting you to embark on a journey where every collection is a step into an unfolding story of enduring elegance.


Where the Italian elegance meets the Swiss quality: we combine the best of two worlds to create all-around embodiments of refinement, reliability and prestige.


In our collections you will find timepiece models which exceed mere function to become ageless icons of style.



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A collection that owes its name to the ultra-thin titanium case with a thickness of 9 mm, whose silhouette draws inspiration from the hexagonal forms synonymous with the automotive world, while the unmistakable Tonino Lamborghini DNA is etched in its sleek and angular lines. Here, technology and design, sportiness and elegance, determination and luxury combine into ultralight and versatile timepieces – for a style fit for every occasion, promising unbridled comfort in every second of your daily life.


The Spyder collection emerges as a reverent homage to the emblematic shield that cradles our famed 'Charging Bull' within our iconic logo. Over the years, the Spyder models have undergone several metamorphoses, constantly embracing shifts in design, materials and fashion trends. The 2022 version, renamed New Spyder, features more modern, clear-cut, angular and sharp lines – a dance of clear, chiseled and resolute shapes with a smaller diameter case, which improves ergonomics and comfort.


Born in the early 1980s under the visionary eye of Tonino Lamborghini, the Cuscinetto collection took its initial cues from the very shape of ball bearings. This ingenious inception paid homage to the mechanical marvels and the captivating engineering legacy that permeates the Lamborghini family heritage. Thirty years later, this resounding success has been boosted by a model crafted especially for women, where the ball bearing, with its unbridled and bidirectional motion, becomes a symbolic testament to a brand perennially poised for the next leap forward.



For the modern woman who not only embraces a cosmopolitan lifestyle but also seeks a touch of originality in her accessories, the Cuscinetto Lady stands out as a true witness of luxury and craftsmanship, heritage and innovation. Much like the exclusive Cuscinetto collection, the hazel takes inspiration from the bearing, boasting a free and bidirectional movement that channels a sense of refinement and dynamism, while echoing our brand’s commitment to artisanal mastery – thus becoming a true reflection of a bold and distinguished personality.