Tonino Lamborghini


An unmistakable heritage that knows no compromises


Combining quality, design and entrepreneurial innovation, for over 40 years the Tonino Lamborghini brand has been committed to the ambitious mission of spreading the very essence of Italian Living throughout the world – a tradition that has its roots in the family history and keeps evolving to make Tonino Lamborghini a global symbol of elegance, distinction and prestige.

Luxury is not a concept that concerns only material wealth, but rather a state of mind, a characteristic of the spirit: the courage of rethinking the daily living to transform it into an extraordinary experience – enjoying the most authentic pleasures of life through the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and design.

A Lifestyle Experience Brand

Redefining the lifestyle

I’ve always wanted a good life.
La bella vita, as Italians love to call it. For some it’s bling bling, others call it vanity. For me, it’s just the way I am. When time slows down the thrill never ends. Once you taste it, there's no turning back. It’s a symphony of evolution and innovation. Classical music blends with an electronic beat.

Some people know how to flip the script and keep it fresh.
A forward-thinking approach to living in the lap of the high life. It's not about things, it's about your experience of the world. When a good life becomes attainable, you can vibe with it.

It’s a dance. It’s like a dream that feels real.

I stopped searching for my place when I realized that it was simply a state of mind. It's not just a lifestyle. It's an attitude. It’s about all those actions that bring out our true nature.


The iconography that embodies the values of the Tonino Lamborghini brand is the ‘Charging Bull’, pulsating with entrepreneurial will, style and innovation. A world of character, audacity and passion where quality, design and technological research are elevated to the state of the art, for a unique and strongly Italian result. 

The flavor and richness of a Tonino Lamborghini coffee, the exclusive comfort of the 5-star hotels, the unmistakable stylistic signature of the real estate projects – all of which feature the symbol of the "Charging Bull" on a red background – are the same expressions of the intrinsic values of a brand that was a forerunner of the most modern brand extension, beginning to develop an all-round lifestyle concept since the early 1980s, and spreading the spirit of Made in Italy in all its forms.



«We are determined, curious and a little stubborn. We are stimulated by novelties and transformations, and we are not afraid of challenges: we consider them as an invitation to change, an impulse to create something new and unexpected.»


«My creative instinct is completely free, eclectic and without limits. Our products are clear proof of this: however they’re so different, at same time they remain united by an uncompromised spirit, by a passion for all that is Italian and by a strong recall to my family’s heritage.»


The creations signed by Tonino Lamborghini represent a tribute to Italian craftsmanship and design: exclusive projects, iconic and timeless products that meet different areas of taste, elevating the concept of absolute quality. The goal is to share unforgettable pleasures and unique experiences through a new way of understanding luxury living: the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle.


The constant search for excellence is the engine that every day drives the Tonino Lamborghini brand in search of new records to beat and new territories to explore – all in the name of a spirit that knows no compromises but only a very strong ambition to surpass itself. Like a Bull, who never takes a step back.


«At the beginning of the 80s I was assisting my father in the Lamborghini Group companies, but I felt the need to do something exclusively mine, different from the world of motors. Always passionate about fashion and accessories, I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial path created by me. My strength was ideas, a great will and a bit of flair. So I decided to develop a series of accessories that introduced for the first time stylistic features inspired by the bearing, the connecting rod, the cap nut, the suspensions: clear references to the world I came from.»