A marriage of design, innovation, and history of Made in Italy

Presented at the 40th edition of the Cersaie 2023 - International Exhibition of Ceramics and Bathroom Furnishings, the new bathroom furniture proposals dedicated to fans of the charging Bull brand.

25th September, 2023

Bologna, September 25, 2023 - Tonino Lamborghini, the lifestyle experience brand that has been signing exclusive fashion accessories as well as furnishing complements and hospitality and real estate projects since 1981, is participating in the 2023 edition of the Cersaie Exhibition, scheduled in Bologna from Sept. 25 to 29 (Hall 21, Stand A45).

At the Bologna event, Tonino Lamborghini presents its new and distinctive bathroom furniture and accessories collection. These iconic and timeless objects meet different areas of taste by elevating the concept of absolute quality. While maintaining the brand's distinctive traits, the products tell the story of the raging Bull brand's passion for the automotive world and mechanical heritage through original design and the choice of cutting-edge materials.

Every smallest detail is a manifesto of research, style, and high manufacturing capacity, the result of the intense collaboration with Glass Design, Italian excellence in the production of washbasins and furnishing accessories, which has allowed the creation of a unique collection inspired by the Tonino Lamborghini brand where the different proposals differ not only in aesthetics but also in the type of materials used.

The new collection aims, among other things, to be part of the shortlist of projects that Tonino Lamborghini is promoting internationally in the fields of interior design, hospitality, and real estate, with the aim of promoting Italian style in the world and offering a new luxury living experience with a distinct stylistic and technological signature, linked to the brand's DNA: precisely, Tonino Lamborghini Total Living.

Declined in seven iconic solutions, the collection introduces a new vision of the bathroom. An elegant and functional environment characterized by a sophisticated mood and details such as precise lines, faceted surfaces, chromatic details, and mirror elements, recalling the heritage of the Bull brand.

The Tonino Lamborghini bathroom, in each of its configurations, expresses the strength of a unique and unconventional design, resulting from the experience and skill of a manufacture entirely Made in Italy.



VISION is a collection of countertop and freestanding washbasins, fashioned from Vetrofreddo®, an innovative material composed of glass pigments and fine resins. Creativity has no limits thanks to this material’s main feature of versatility in adapting to any shape and the possibility to draw on a wide range of glossy and mat colours.

The washbasin inside, black coloured, comes with original grooves realized with a particular working process. The outside, smooth and material to the touch, is proposed in the brand-new Sahara Rose finish: elegant and alluring, finely matching with any wood essence and lacquered tone. The Tonino Lamborghini brand logo, discreetly placed on the washbasin front, contributes to define a strong and recognizable personality in the luxury industry.

A cutting-edge technological detail is the new automatic drain with integrated overflow, which allows the automatic discharge of the water when a certain pre-established capacity is reached. 

, countertop washbasin, and VISION Edition, freestanding version, are proposed with their matching mirrors, creating a truly emotional total look.  The mirrors, by fulfilling their function of finely coordinated accessory, with their side LED-lighting system, enhance finishes and shapes.

The VISION collection is launched on the market with a strong and uncompromising style: a geometric composition where the matter develops in trapezoidal shapes creating taut and convergent surfaces. Luxury and design merge into a collection with a striking and distinctive personality.


The ALLURE collection branded Tonino Lamborghini is the essence of the most refined elegance where the main character is “Cristallo de' Medici®”.

Purest at 24% pb, the crystal is skillfully worked by master craftsmen according to the most ancient and noble glass arts. Mouth-blown and stone-ground, without employing neither machines nor technology, the crystal takes shape and transforms into a collection of fascinating and futuristic washbasins in their traditionally timeless identity. 

The ALLURE countertop washbasins fashioned from pure “Cristallo de Medici” are characterized by external faceting, which create a captivating interplay of light and reflection, adding to the environment energy and absolute elegance.  

The ALLURE washbasin, available in oval and round shape, are proposed in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red, Green and Blue shades, equipped with the gold, black or chrome waste, branded Tonino Lamborghini.  

The collection also includes sophisticated bathroom accessories such as the soap dispenser, the fragrance diffuser and the tissue box, fashioned from Cristallo de' Medici® and finely coordinated to the washbasins colours range.

ALLURE represents a perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and quality craftsmanship, a harmonious fusion between art and contemporaneity.


Unconventional, captivating, one-of-a-kind. ICONICO is a freestanding washbasin with a impressive presence and a strong character. 

Inspired by the Heritage of Tonino Lamborghini, ICONICO stands out for its soft edges. Fashioned from VetroFreddo®, features a bicolour structure with an inner black core and coloured external details. 

The lighting system enhances the futuristic and technological design of this washbasin, giving to it a decisive and emotional look. 

The coloured outer shells, available in Orange Mat, Acid Green Mat, Light Blue Mat, White at and Black Mat, allow various customization possibilities meeting every taste.


MOONSHINE is the Tonino Lamborghini bathroom collection that emphasizes aluminum as an identifying material. One of the most widespread materials in nature, very light, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable.

The MOONSHINE countertop washbasins with its hemispherical shape, embody a sleek and modern aesthetic thanks to the choice of this material.

Minimalist, essential, intriguing, featuring a thickness of merely 2mm which gives them a natural lightness while ensuring durability and solidity and no compromise on functionality.

MOONSHINE washbasins confirm themselves as the thinnest and lightest washbasins available on the market today.In their Blue, Grey, Rosa Sahara and Copper color variants, they become the focal point of a contemporary and highly distinctive bathroom, where the Tonino Lamborghini soul is evident from the innovation and aesthetics applied to this new collection.


Let yourself be carried away from the beauty and refinement of the MARMOFUSION collection by Tonino Lamborghini, which mix traditional materials with a highly contemporary design. 

Crystal and marble, expertly crafted, merge into an elegant and surprisingly contemporary combination where style and vision are made by details.

MARMOFUSION is a collection of countertop washbasins where the fumé crystal, featuring a handcrafted diamond-cut, is skillfully assembled on a round base in white, black, pink or red precious marble. The result is a unique product of outstanding quality that conveys an aura of brightness and elegance.

The Tonino Lamborghini-branded waste, together with the matching marble knobs, is thought for those who pay attention to details and want their bathrooms to be fascinating and captivating places.


CARBON TECH is the Tonino Lamborghini series outlined by the strong stylistic and technological signature linked to the DNA of the Charging Bull. A cutting-edge collection of countertop washbasins made of Pert®, a polymer with exceptional qualities that combines a low specific weight with high resistance.

The CARBON TECH washbasin boasts advanced details, such as the rectangular carbon finish grating which covers the internal surface of the basin, concealing the drain and providing a unique effect to the water flow.

Proposed in square and rectangular versions, they are available in white, black and gray finishes, which have always been synonymous with absolute class and elegance. The internal carbon finish plays a decisive role, allowing the light to create a synergy with the basin itself, showing the geometries in the purest and most essential way.


LOFT is the collection of accessories designed to elegantly complete the bathroom branded Tonino Lamborghini.  

A series of refined and functional objects fashioned from Vetrofreddo®, an innovative material composed of glass pigments and resins, which contribute to customize and give an identify the style of a captivating environment, starting from the smallest details.

LOFT accessories, such as soap dispensers, tumblers, towel holders, paper holders and robe hooks, are geometric and essential in their shapes and can be easily mounted on the wall.

The choice of the material Vetrofreddo®, allows an extremely easy maintenance: they can be washed with any type of soap or neutral and non-abrasive liquid detergent and, in case of superficial scratches, they can be repaired with just a cloth, soaked in oil or cream.

The LOFT series is a collection of very high-quality accessories, available in different finishes and customizable on request, which completes the environment by offering a combination of sophisticated modernity and functionality.


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Press Office:

We would like to remind you that the companies of Comm. Tonino Lamborghini and the "Tonino Lamborghini" branded products are not connected in any way with the company Automobili Lamborghini, now owned by the Audi-VW Group, founded in 1963 by Cav. del Lavoro Ferruccio Lamborghini, father of Tonino Lamborghini. Thank you.