19 December, 2023

Bologna, December 12, 2023 - The Bolognese brand of the “Charging Bull” unveils the new brand identity showcased in a brand-new website.

A completely fresh look, captivating design, and simplified architecture: Tonino Lamborghini's new digital platform offers an immersive browsing experience through impactful visual content and dynamic, engaging storytelling.

A virtual space where you breathe in the essence of Italian style "à la Tonino Lamborghini": a world of values where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist, giving way to an exciting narrative of courage, audacity, and passion. Through images, visual design, and animations, it reveals how the Bull Brand has asserted its identity over the past 42 years, becoming a global icon geared towards increasingly ambitious challenges. A Bull pulsating with design intent: the new digital window prominently features the brand's current and future projects, concrete expressions of a spirit dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.


The new introduces fresh sections, enhanced features, and a simple, intuitive interface. The flexible and dynamic structure seamlessly blends the world of editorial content with the e-boutique, offering a smooth and meticulously curated e-shopping experience.

Designed with the most advanced web design technologies, the new platform is available in Italian and English and is implemented in "responsive" mode, allowing optimal viewing from any device.

"Effective communication is essential for our growth, as well as for realizing our strategic plan to the fullest extent possible," comments President Comm. Tonino Lamborghini. "The new website – our new 'business card' for the web – reaffirms the constant orientation toward progress that has been part of our DNA since always and simultaneously provides an overview of the values that historically distinguish us, through new, powerful, and concrete content".


Tonino Lamborghini New Digital Window 2023_EN


Tonino Lamborghini Nuova Vetrina Digitale 2023_IT


Press Office:

We would like to remind you that the companies of Comm. Tonino Lamborghini and the "Tonino Lamborghini" branded products are not connected in any way with the company Automobili Lamborghini, now owned by the Audi-VW Group, founded in 1963 by Cav. del Lavoro Ferruccio Lamborghini, father of Tonino Lamborghini. Thank you.