Tonino Lamborghini announces at the Beautyworld Japan Exhibition the collaboration with Rhythm Corporation for the development, launch and distribution of the first branded beauty device which is set to revolutionize the beauty industry: ALPHA-ONE.

16th May, 2022

Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One has been launched in Tokyo, during the BeautyWorld Japan exhibition, the ideal platform for discovering exciting new products and spotting the latest trends in the beauty industry in Japan, 16-18 May 2022.

Alpha One beauty has nothing to do with classic beauty devices, in fact it’s equipped with the latest technological resources and the distinctive style of a brand that, starting from a passion, born in the mind of a single person, has brought its signature to the world.

ALPHA ONE Beauty Device is an easily handled product with a unique design signed by Tonino Lamborghini. Among its unique features: a patented ultrasonic wave technology that acts in four points simultaneously and an automatic function that gives to users a full treatment in 7 minutes.

Not least of all Alpha One can also be used for shoulders, décolleté and arms.

The product naming comes from the sky, but also has a family heritage origin. Besides, Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and in the same numerical system it holds the first position. This naming perfectly matches with the product characteristic as well as with the brand values: legendary, timeless, innovative, daring, cutting edge, and it perfectly symbolizes the character of the targeted consumer: a real trendsetter who has the right driving force to discover what is cool and fashion in the world.

The main goal of this device, which will be distributed online at and
in the best Japanese beauty salon, is to emphasize the uniqueness of each individual and to nurture self-esteem, self-confidence in everyone's abilities and beauty.

Uniqueness, confidence, vision, ambition: these are the hallmarks of the Alpha ONE product and of those who use it every day.


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Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One 2022_IT


Press Office:

We would like to remind you that the companies of Comm. Tonino Lamborghini and the "Tonino Lamborghini" branded products are not connected in any way with the company Automobili Lamborghini, now owned by the Audi-VW Group, founded in 1963 by Cav. del Lavoro Ferruccio Lamborghini, father of Tonino Lamborghini. Thank you.